Month: August 2018

DropZap is Puzzle Action Without Dropping a Dime

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DropZap is a new action puzzle game available for iPhone and iPod touch that proves you can still get something good for free. Resembling other block puzzles only slightly, DropZap is set on 7 x 7 grid of squares. The object is to score high by zapping the blocks and setting off a chain reaction […]

Create and Sync Notes with Evernote

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The notebook-on-steroids service Evernote has been steadily growing stronger since its App Store debut. Version 3.0 is the best yet with some extra features that improve its usefulness and stability. Evernote is designed to keep notes, voice recordings, photos, and web clippings within one app and synced across multiple devices. Clip a web site on […]

Conference Me In Takes Care of the Details for Hassle-Free Meetings

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People who frequently participate in conference calls understand the hassle of dialing long phone numbers while trying to remember the multi-digit passcode to gain access. Conference Me In is a free iPhone app that aims to eliminate such frustration by helping users schedule, remember and, most importantly, call into conference calls. The app syncs data […]