Lock ‘n’ Roll deluxe is a Strategic Dice Game with a Twist!

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While yahtzee is a game dangerous enough for most, some prefer a game with more style, more point combos, and the lack of screaming out names. While you can perhaps scream out Lock ‘n’ Roll, it certainly won’t win you any bonus points in the game.

Canned Bananas is the small-time team behind this dice game for iOS devices, which surprisingly turns out to have its origins as a flash game developed by the same crew back in 2009. However, probably after realizing there’s no money in flash games these days, the team ported it over to iOS, releasing it as a free app on the market complimented by an item mall and ingame advertising.

By far, Lock ‘n’ Roll is not as easy as it is advertised to be; it carries a bit of a learning curve that makes it more challenging than what you’d expect out of your average dice game. In fact, luck or chance have much less to do with this game than you’d really expect. In Lock ‘n’ Roll Deluxe your goal is to score as many points as possible by racking up combos on a 4×4 board with four dice you roll out each turn, each with numbers from 1 to 4 and colors from Red, to Green, Yellow, and Blue. As you rack up a certain set of combos, such as:

  • Four dice of the same color and number
  • Four dice of the same color and in order (1-4)
  • Four dice of the same number in every color
  • Four dice in order (1-4) and in every color

you’ll also simultaneously clear your board and free it up for more dice. While playing there are a lot more combos that earn points, but these four are the only ones that will clear your board. It’s in fact a very strategic game, and requires a lot more puzzle work than ordinary gameplay to ensure a combo that will clear. If you don’t

Game play is actually very enjoyable if strategy and skill are in your mind. This game may be casual, but shouldn’t really be played casually as you’ll likely fill your board and need to use a powerup or lose the game. Instead, focus on placing your dice to try to get a 4×4 combo in one of the many manners you can achieve it. After a few playthroughs you’ll be sure to have gotten used to it and start racking up combos all on your own!

As said, this is a game you can pick up and put down at your leisure, but is much more like sudoku than anything else. The powerups light up gleefully on the screen and leave you wanting for more, just be sure to be ready for the headache that may or may not come with. If you truly get stuck, you can stick it to the man and buy yourself some cool powerups in the item mall store for a small free – a great option considering you won’t be laying down any cash for this app purchase. The ingame advertising can also be removed for just a buck, which is a very fair price if you expect to be playing this game regularly.

All in all, Lock ‘n’ Roll may be a dice game, but really has Sudoku written on it compared to any other casual game. It’s certainly fun and flashy, but in the end this needs to be your cup of  tea to be your kind of game. The idea of a paid item mall adds a lackluster value as well considering it affects the high scores others can use to its powerups and such. It’s certainly a game worth a try for you puzzle and strategy lovers out there.

Lock ‘n’ Roll is a universal app for iOS devices running 4.0 or later and is available for free on the appstore.

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